May Winds

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Worrying and Wondering

I wait for you to call
In these cold and dark walls
In fear that you won't call.

I sit and watch for your car
To pull up my driveway
In hope that you will return.

I wonder why you left?
Why you had to go?
And why you didn't say goodbye!
Or even leave me a note.

I sit crying in the dark
Wondering why you left me here?
Why you couldn't take me with you?
and sometimes just Why?


At 1:46 AM, Blogger November Rain said...

I have sat and remember of someone dear
of a heartbeat who is no longer here
out a window I stare
my eyes full of tears

he has died and gone away
and here I am left to stay
in darkness I sat In this phase
when I didnt want to laugh or play

but then I remembered my dad and how loved life
how he loved my mother and his wife
and how he would not want me to cry
or sit in darkness until I die

i know your lonliness and pain
because I have felt the same
but stand and do now let sorrow win
open a window, let the sun come in

soon the darkness fades
and your will have happier days


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